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Regular class attendance is considered by the Montgomery County School Board to be essential to the educational process and to the satisfactory completion of the requirements of any class and subject offered.  Regular school attendance also is directly related to the development of good habits, which are important in the world of work and in higher education.  A ninety-five percent (95%) or better attendance rate is the goal (171 of 180 school days). 

We ask all parents to send a written note or doctor’s note to provide a reason when students are absent. We also ask parents to email the school office at or call the office at (540) 951-5732 to let us know when students will be absent. If your child misses 10 days this school year, we will be scheduling a meeting with you and our school attendance team to develop an attendance improvement plan. All absences (excused and unexcused) count toward a student being identified as “chronically absent” by the Virginia Department of Education. Retention may be considered for any student missing twenty (20) or more days of school.

Our goal here at Harding Avenue Elementary is to work with every family to ensure excellent student attendance. Please contact the Principal, Assistant Principal, or the School Counselor if there are special circumstances affecting your child’s attendance or if you are interested in contact information for support services.